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The Board of Directors (“the Board”) of Kamdar Group (M) Berhad is committed to a corporate culture that emphasises good corporate governance and practices throughout the company and its subsidiaries (“the Group”).

The Group will continue to endeavor to comply with all the key Principles and Best Practices of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (“the Code”) in its effort to observe high standards of transparency, accountability and integrity. The Group believes that good corporate governance will help to realise long-term Shareholders value, whilst taking into account the interest of other stakeholders.

The Board is pleased to disclose below, a description of the application of the principles of good governance and the extent to which the Group has complied with the best practices advocated by the Code.


The Company is led and managed by an experienced Board, comprising members with a wide range of experience in relevant fields such as textile and furnishing fabrics, entrepreneurship, economics, marketing, finance, accounting, legal and public service. The Directors bring a broad range of skills, experiences and knowledge required to successfully direct and supervise the Group’s business activities. A brief profile of each Director is set out in the Directors’ Profile of this Annual Report.


The Board consists of an Executive Chairman, a Deputy Executive Chairman, four (4) Executive Directors (inclusive of one (1) Alternate Director) and three (3) Independent Non-Executive Directors.