Kain Songket Metallic Honeycomb Exclusive Bidang 44″ Open Meter


The KAMDAR Kain Songket Metallic Honeycomb Exclusive is a beautiful textile that falls under the category of Textiles & Soft Furnishings, Fabrics & Sewing Supplies, Textiles & Fabrics. This fabric comes in Bidang 44″ Open Meter and is perfect for creating contemporary and modern Raya outfits with a touch of style and affordability.

  • Fade Resistant: The fabric retains its color even after multiple washes.
  • Soft: The material feels gentle against the skin, making it perfect for clothing items.
  • Stain Resistant:The fabric resists stains making it easy to maintain its quality even after continued use.
  • Durable:The material is strong enough to withstand regular use without showing signs of wear and tear quickly.

This particular textile features a geometric pattern that gives your clothing an aesthetic stylish look. Its honeycomb metallic appearance adds an extra flair to any outfit you create using this textile piece.

  • Care Instructions: Hand washing or machine washing are suitable cleaning methods for this product ensuring longevity in quality.

You can use it to create Sampin or Pasang Moden outfits that look great on any occasion without breaking the bank thanks to its affordability factor as well as easily maintained quality


Disclaimer: Please note that the colors of the product as seen on your screen may vary slightly from the actual item due to differences in monitor settings. Additionally, as our textiles are cut manually, there may be a difference of 2-3 cm in the dimensions.



Kain Songket Metallic Honeycomb Exclusive Bidang 44″ Open Meter
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